archaeologic etymology

English word archaeologic comes from English -logic (-logical.), English archaeo- (Ancient, early, primitive.)

Detailed word origin of archaeologic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-logic English (eng) -logical.
archaeo- English (eng) Ancient, early, primitive.
archaeologic English (eng) Pertaining to archaeology.. Antiquated.

Words with the same origin as archaeologic

Descendants of -logic
archeologic cytologic ecologic edaphologic laryngologic phytologic rheologic theriologic
Descendants of archaeo-
Archaeozoic archaeastronomy archaeoacoustics archaeoastronomer archaeoastronomical archaeobotany archaeoclimatic archaeogenetics archaeographic archaeolinguistics archaeolipid archaeolithic archaeomagnetic archaeomalacology archaeomancy archaeomaterial archaeometallurgy archaeophyte archaeoseismological archaeoseismology archaeosurface archaeozoological archaeozoologist archaeozoology