arthrometer etymology

English word arthrometer comes from English -meter (Used to form the names of measuring devices.), English arthro- ((biology) joint; articulation.)

Detailed word origin of arthrometer

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-meter English (eng) Used to form the names of measuring devices.
arthro- English (eng) (biology) joint; articulation.
arthrometer English (eng) (medicine) A device for measuring the arc or range of mobility of a joint.

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Descendants of -meter
accelerometer altimeter barometer calorimeter calorimetry dioptometer dynamometer fluorometer geoboard geometry glucometer hodometer holometer inclinometer lucimeter pantometer photopolarimeter pulsimeter spectrometer symmetry tachometer tiltmeter trig trigonometry
Descendants of arthro-
arthral arthrectomy arthrobranch arthrochondritis arthroconidium arthroderm arthroereisis arthrofibrosis arthrogram arthrokatadysis arthrology arthrolysis arthrometry arthropathia arthropathy arthrosclerosis arthroscopic arthroscopy arthrospore arthrostomy arthrosynovitis arthrotomy neuroarthropathy polyarthropathy spondyloarthropathy