arthroplasty etymology

English word arthroplasty comes from English -plasty, English arthro- ((biology) joint; articulation.)

Detailed word origin of arthroplasty

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-plasty English (eng) (medicine) Repair or restoration of a part or function.. Molding or shaping through a surgical procedure.
arthro- English (eng) (biology) joint; articulation.
arthroplasty English (eng) (surgery) The surgical repair of a joint, or creation of an artificial joint, such as a hip replacement.

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Descendants of -plasty
alloplasty angioplasty arterioplasty blepharoplasty chondrolaryngoplasty cranioplasty dermatoplasty facioplasty galvanoplasty gastroplasty homoplasty mammoplasty mastoplasty neuroplasty otoplasty quadricepsplasty rhinoplasty septorhinoplasty thoracoplasty ureterocystoplasty urethroplasty uteroplasty vertebroplasty vulvoplasty
Descendants of arthro-
arthral arthrectomy arthrobranch arthrochondritis arthroconidium arthroderm arthroereisis arthrofibrosis arthrogram arthrokatadysis arthrology arthrolysis arthrometry arthropathia arthropathy arthrosclerosis arthroscopic arthroscopy arthrospore arthrostomy arthrosynovitis arthrotomy neuroarthropathy polyarthropathy spondyloarthropathy