ashtray etymology

English word ashtray comes from English ash, English tray

Detailed word origin of ashtray

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ash English (eng) (chemistry) The nonaqueous remains of a material subjected to any complete oxidation process.. (figuratively) What remains after a catastrophe.. (in the plural) Human (or animal) remains after cremation.. A gray colour, like that of ash.. Fine particles from a volcano, volcanic ash.. The solid remains of a fire. (chemistry) To reduce to a residue of ash. See ashing.. (obsolete, mostly used [...]
tray English (eng) (transitive, obsolete) To grieve; annoy. (computing, graphical user interface, informal) A notification area used for icons and alerts.. A component of a device into which an item is placed for use in the device's operations.. A flat carrier for items being transported.. A small, typically rectangular or round, flat, rigid object upon which things are carried.. The items on a full tray. [...]
ashtray English (eng) A receptacle for ash and butts from cigarettes and cigars.