aspect etymology

English word aspect comes from Latin specio (I observe, watch, look at.), Latin ad- (To.)

Detailed word origin of aspect

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specio Latin (lat) I observe, watch, look at.
ad- Latin (lat) To.
aspicio Latin (lat) I examine, survey, inspect; consider, ponder; investigate.. I look at or towards, behold; regard, respect.. I observe, notice, catch sight of.
aspectus Latin (lat) The act of seeing or looking at something; look, sight, vision.. The sense of sight.. The visibility, appearance; aspect, presence, mien, countenance; form; color.
aspect English (eng) (astrology) The relative position of heavenly bodies as they appear to an observer on earth; the angular relationship between points in a horoscope. [from 14th c.]. (grammar) A grammatical quality of a verb which determines the relationship of the speaker to the internal temporal flow of the event the verb describes, or whether the speaker views the event from outside as a whole, or from [...]

Words with the same origin as aspect

Descendants of specio
despicable despise despite disrespect disrespectful expect expected expecting inspect inspection inspector respect respected respectful species specific specifically specimen spectacle speculation spice spicy suspect suspicion
Descendants of ad-
accept accident according add address admit affair agree alien appear appreciate around arrest arrive aside asleep assume attention attorney available disappear huge rest round size