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English word atomic comes from English atom, English -ic

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atom English (eng) (chemistry, physics) The smallest possible amount of matter which still retains its identity as a chemical element, now known to consist of a nucleus surrounded by electrons. [from 16th c.]. (computing, programming, Lisp) An individual number or symbol, as opposed to a list; a scalar value. [from 20th c.]. (history of science) A hypothetical particle posited by Greek philosophers as an [...]
-ic English (eng) (chemistry) Used to denote certain chemical compounds in which a specified chemical element has a higher oxidation number than in the equivalent compound whose name ends in the suffix -ous. For example sulphuric acid (H₂SO₄) has more oxygen atoms per molecule than sulphurous acid (H₂SO₃).. Used to form adjectives from nouns with the meaning “of or pertaining to”.
atomic English (eng) (computing) An atomic operation. (computing) Of an operation: guaranteed to complete either fully or not at all while waiting in a pause, and running synchronously when called by multiple asynchronous threads.. (physics, chemistry) Of or relating to atoms.. Infinitesimally small.. Of or employing nuclear energy or processes.. Unable to be split or made any smaller.

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