autophony etymology

English word autophony comes from English -phony (Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.), English auto-

Detailed word origin of autophony

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-phony English (eng) Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.
auto- English (eng) (from automatic) automatic. (from automobile) relating to cars or the driving of cars. Regarding oneself.
autophony English (eng) (medicine) An auscultatory process which consists of noting the tone of the observer's own voice, while he speaks, holding his head close to the patient's chest.. The unusually loud hearing of a person's own voice, breathing or other self-generated sounds.

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Descendants of -phony
Anglophony anthrophonic anthrophony biophonic biophony bronchophony echophony egophony euphonic euphonious euphony geophonic holophony homophony laryngophony micropolyphonic nonpolyphonic orthophony photophony pleophony polyphonic polyphonically polyphony stereophony
Descendants of auto-
autoadjuvant autoaggregation autoamputate autobiographical autobiography autocatalytical autoconfigure autoconfirm autocorrect autocue autodelete autodestruct autoimmune autoloom automotive autophoretic autophosphatase autopilot autopositioning autorickshaw autosave autoscoring autosoliton autosuggestible autotarget