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English word autopilot comes from English auto-, English pilot

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auto- English (eng) (from automatic) automatic. (from automobile) relating to cars or the driving of cars. Regarding oneself.
pilot English (eng) (transitive) To control (an aircraft or watercraft).. (transitive) To guide (a vessel) through coastal waters.. (transitive) To test or have a preliminary trial of (an idea, a new product, etc.) (AU, road transport) A person authorised to drive such a vehicle during an escort.. (AU, road transport, informal) A pilot vehicle.. (mining) The heading or excavation of relatively small dimensions, [...]
autopilot English (eng) (intransitive, of a vehicle) To pilot itself; to drive or travel automatically. (aviation, nautical) A mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic system used to guide a vehicle without assistance from a human being.. A state of mind where one no longer thinks about doing one's actions, but acts mechanically.

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