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English word autosave comes from English save, English auto-

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save English (eng) (intransitive) To economize or avoid waste.. (sports) To catch or deflect (a shot at goal).. (theology) To redeem or protect someone from eternal damnation.. (transitive) To conserve or prevent the wasting of.. (transitive) To obviate or make unnecessary.. (transitive) To prevent harm or difficulty.. (transitive) To store for future use.. (transitive, and, intransitive) To accumulate money [...]
auto- English (eng) (from automatic) automatic. (from automobile) relating to cars or the driving of cars. Regarding oneself.
autosave English (eng) (computing) A software facility that saves an open document periodically to avoid the risk of data loss. (computing, transitive) To save (data) automatically.

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autoadjuvant autoaggregation autoamputate autobiographical autobiography autocatalytical autoconfigure autoconfirm autocorrect autocue autodelete autodestruct autoimmune autoloom automotive autophoretic autophosphatase autopilot autopositioning autorickshaw autoscoring autosoliton autosuggestible autotarget