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English word autotarget comes from English target, English auto-

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target English (eng) (transitive) To aim something, especially a weapon, at (a target).. (transitive, computing) To produce code suitable for.. (transitive, figuratively) To aim for as an audience or demographic. (Scotland, obsolete) A shred; a tatter.. (Scotland, obsolete) A tassel or pendant.. (UK, dated) A thin cut; a slice; specifically, of lamb, a piece consisting of the neck and breast joints.. (cricket) [...]
auto- English (eng) (from automatic) automatic. (from automobile) relating to cars or the driving of cars. Regarding oneself.
autotarget English (eng) To target (a weapon) automatically.

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autoadjuvant autoaggregation autoamputate autobiographical autobiography autocatalytical autoconfigure autoconfirm autocorrect autocue autodelete autodestruct autoimmune autoloom automotive autophoretic autophosphatase autopilot autopositioning autorickshaw autosave autoscoring autosoliton autosuggestible