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English word bacne comes from English back, English acne

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back English (eng) A ferryboat.. A large shallow vat; a cistern, tub, or trough, used by brewers, distillers, dyers, picklers, gluemakers, and others, for mixing or cooling wort, holding water, hot glue, etc. (figurative) The part of a piece of clothing which covers the back.. (figuratively) Upper part of a natural object which is considered to resemble an animal's back.. (mining) The roof of a horizontal [...]
acne English (eng) (pathology) A skin condition, usually of the face, that is common in adolescents. It is characterised by red pimples, and is caused by the inflammation of sebaceous glands through bacterial infection.. A pattern of blemishes in an area of skin resulting from the skin condition.
bacne English (eng) (informal) Acne on the back.

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