bacteriophagous etymology

English word bacteriophagous comes from English bacterio- ((microbiology) bacteria.), English -phagous (Used to form adjectives meaning "eating" or "feeding on".)

Detailed word origin of bacteriophagous

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bacterio- English (eng) (microbiology) bacteria.
-phagous English (eng) Used to form adjectives meaning "eating" or "feeding on".
bacteriophagous English (eng) Pertaining to the predation and consumption of bacterium.

Words with the same origin as bacteriophagous

Descendants of bacterio-
bacterioagglutinin bacteriocecidium bacteriochlorophyll bacteriocin bacteriocyte bacteriogenic bacteriogenous bacteriohopanepolyol bacteriological bacteriologist bacteriology bacteriolysis bacteriome bacterioopsin bacteriophagy bacteriophobe bacteriophytochrome bacterioplankton bacteriorhodopsin bacterioscopy bacteriostat bacteriotherapeutic bacteriotherapy bacteriotoxin
Descendants of -phagous
ampelophagous androphagous anthophagous anthropophagous entomophagous geophagous haematophagous histiophagous lithophagous mycetophagous mycophagous nematophagous oligophagous oophagous ophiophagous ornithophagous ostreophagous pantophagous phytophagous polyphagous saproxylophagous xylophagous zoophagous zoöphagous