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English word badfic comes from English bad, English fic

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bad English (eng) (archaic) . See bade. (Should we move(+) this sense?) (slang) Fantastic. (countable, uncountable, economics) An item (or kind of item) of merchandise with negative value; an unwanted good.. (slang) Error, mistake. (hip-hop slang) good, superlative. (informal) Bold and daring.. (of a, need or want) Severe, urgent.. (of breath) Malodorous, foul.. (of food) Spoiled, rotten, overripe.. Evil; [...]
fic English (eng) (slang, countable) A fictional story set within a preexisting fandom; a fanfic.
badfic English (eng) (countable, fandom slang) A badly-written fanfic.. (uncountable, fandom slang) Such fan fiction collectively.

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