baryogenesis etymology

English word baryogenesis comes from English -genesis (Origin. Production.), English baryo- ((physics) baryon.)

Detailed word origin of baryogenesis

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-genesis English (eng) Origin. Production.
baryo- English (eng) (physics) baryon.
baryogenesis English (eng) (physics, astronomy) The generation of baryonic matter in the early moments of the Big Bang.

Words with the same origin as baryogenesis

Descendants of -genesis
aerogenesis amyloidogenesis androgenesis cacogenesis carcinomagenesis cementogenesis digenetic dysgenesis embryogenesis enteropathogenesis hadrogenesis hematogenesis hepatogenesis mitogenesis monogenesis nephrogenesis neurogenesis noegenesis organogenesis orthogenesis osteogenesis parthenogenesis retinogenesis virogenesis
Descendants of baryo-
baryochemical baryosynthesis