barysilite etymology

English word barysilite comes from English silicon, Ancient Greek βαθύς, Ancient Greek λίθος

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silicon English (eng) (chemistry, countable) A single atom of this element.. (chemistry, uncountable) A nonmetallic element (symbol Si) with an atomic number of 14 and atomic weight of 28.0855. (slang) computer processor. (slang) computing.
βαθύς Ancient Greek (grc)
λίθος Ancient Greek (grc)
barysilite English (eng) (mineral) A trigonal-hexagonal scalenohedral mineral containing lead, manganese, oxygen, and silicon.

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Descendants of silicon
Silicon Valley aluminio-silicate bisilicate borosilicate disilicate disiloxane hexasiloxane in silico metasilicate natrosilite oligosiloxane pentasiloxane polysiloxane sila-explosive silicate silician silicide silicyne siloxane silsesquioxane sima tetrasilicate titan-osilicate trisiloxane