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English word beatdown comes from English beat, English down

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beat English (eng) (US slang) exhausted. (gay slang) fabulous. (slang) boring. (slang, of a person) ugly. Dilapidated, beat up A beatnik. (archaic) A low cheat or swindler.. (by extension) An area of a person's responsibility, especially. (colloquial, dated) That which beats, or surpasses, another or others.. (dated) A place of habitual or frequent resort.. (dated) An act of reporting news or scientific [...]
down English (eng) From one end to another of.. From the higher end to the lower of. (baseball, colloquial, following the noun modified) Out.. (colloquial) With "on", negative about, hostile to. (not comparable) Inoperable; out of order; out of service.. (not comparable, US, slang) Comfortable with, accepting of.. (not comparable, military, aviation, slang, of an aircraft) Mechanically failed, collided, shot [...]
beatdown English (eng) (professional wrestling slang) A prescribed situation, usually to advance an angle or establish character, where two or more wrestlers severely beat up another wrestler or performer.. (slang) a severe beating.

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dune dunesand tsukihitza