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English word beatific comes from Latin beatus (blessed) and Latin ficare (I stick in, put in), and later Latin beatifico (I bless).

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beatus Latin (lat) (Medieval Latin, Ecclesiastical Latin) blessed. (substantive) happy or fortunate person. Copious, sumptuous. Happy, fortunate. Prosperous, wealthy.
ficare Latin (lat)
beatifico Latin (lat) I bless. I make happy.
beatify English (eng) (transitive) To make blissful.. (transitive) To pronounce or regard as happy, or supremely blessed, or as conferring happiness.. (transitive, Roman Catholicism) To carry out the third of four steps in canonization, making someone a blessed.
beatific English (eng) Blessed, blissful, heavenly. Having a benign appearance.

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Beatrice beatify beatitude
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