behold etymology

English word behold comes from Proto-Germanic *haldaną, Old English healdan, Proto-Germanic *bi- (By, at; a general locative prefix.)

Detailed word origin of behold

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*haldaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
healdan Old English (ang) (intransitive) to maintain one’s position against an enemy. To contain. To hold fast, to grasp. To keep watch over (cattle etc.). To possess.
*bi- Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) By, at; a general locative prefix.
*bihaldaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To keep.
behealdan Old English (ang) To do, perform. To hold, occupy, retain. To look upon, behold.
beholden Middle English (enm)
behold English (eng) (transitive) To see, or to look at. Lo!. Look, a call of attention to something.

Words with the same origin as behold

Descendants of healdan
ahold held hold holden holding household stronghold uphold withhold
Descendants of *bi-
about and because become before begin beginning believe belong below between beware beyond bizarre bless bout but butt by bye for nearby nor whereabouts