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English word beloved comes from English -ed, English belove

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-ed English (eng) Used to form past participles of (regular) verbs. See -en and -t for variants. Used to form past tenses of (regular) verbs. In linguistics, it is used for the base form of any past form. See -t for a variant. Used to form adjectives from nouns, in the sense of having the object represented by the noun.. As an extension of the above, when used along with an adjective preceding the noun, [...]
belove English (eng) (intransitive, obsolete) To please.. (transitive, obsolete) To be pleased with; like.. (transitive, obsolete) To love.
beloved English (eng) Someone who is loved; something that is loved. (obsolete) . Loved.

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accepted accused armed betrayed bored buried cute embarrassed experienced feed felt figured headed informed landed needed placed retired scared stopped talented transferred turned wanted