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English word benzo- comes from English benzene

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benzene English (eng) (organic chemistry, in combination) Sometimes used in place of the phenyl group.. (organic compound) An aromatic hydrocarbon of formula C6H6 whose structure consists of a ring of alternate single and double bonds.
benzo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) containing benzene, especially containing a fused benzene ring.

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allylbenzamide benzaldehyde benzanthracene benzazepine benzenoid benzimidazole benziodoxol benzoannulated benzocaine benzocyclic benzol benzonitrile benzoquinoline benzothiadiazole benzoxadiazine benzoxathiole benzoxazinoid benzoxazolone benzthiazide benzyl binospirone cyanobenzaldehyde nitrobenzaldehyde oligobenzamide sulfobenzaldehyde