benzol etymology

English word benzol comes from English benzo-, English -ol

Detailed word origin of benzol

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benzo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) containing benzene, especially containing a fused benzene ring.
-ol English (eng) (organic chemistry) An alcohol or phenol. Indicating an oily substance.
benzol English (eng) (organic chemistry) (obsolete) benzyl alcohol.. (organic chemistry) An impure benzene (mixed with toluene etc), used in the arts as a solvent, and for various other purposes.

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Descendants of benzo-
benzoannulated benzocaine benzocyclic benzonitrile benzoquinoline benzothiadiazole benzoxadiazine benzoxathiole benzoxazinoid binospirone
Descendants of -ol
aldol androstanol anethole archaeol caldarchaeol cannabidiol carotenol catecholamine catecholate diol dodecanol fucusol gingerol glycol hypergolically ichthyol lanolin laurinol lonchocarpol menthol mesitylol methanol neomenthol pratol sesamol