benzonitrile etymology

English word benzonitrile comes from English nitrile, English benzo-

Detailed word origin of benzonitrile

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nitrile English (eng) (organic chemistry) any of a class of organic compounds containing a cyano functional group -C≡N; they are named as derivatives of the appropriate carboxylic acid.
benzo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) containing benzene, especially containing a fused benzene ring.
benzonitrile English (eng) (organic compound) The aromatic nitrile C6H5-CN; it is used as a solvent and has many industrial applications.

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Descendants of nitrile
acrylonitrilic laetrile nitrilase nitrilate nitrilium
Descendants of benzo-
benzoannulated benzocaine benzocyclic benzol benzoquinoline benzothiadiazole benzoxadiazine benzoxathiole benzoxazinoid binospirone