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English word benzoquinoline comes from English benzo-, English quinoline

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benzo- English (eng) (organic chemistry) containing benzene, especially containing a fused benzene ring.
quinoline English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds containing a benzene ring fused with a pyridine ring; especially the simplest such compound, C9H7N.
benzoquinoline English (eng) (organic compound) Either of two isomeric compounds (5,6-benzoquinoline and 7,8-benzoquinoline) in which a benzene ring is fused to that of a quinoline molecule; their derivatives are used in the preparation of pharmaceuticals and dyes atc.

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Descendants of benzo-
benzoannulated benzocaine benzocyclic benzol benzonitrile benzothiadiazole benzoxadiazine benzoxathiole benzoxazinoid binospirone
Descendants of quinoline
bathophenanthroline phenanthroline praziquantel quinolinate quinolinic quinolinium quinolinone quinolinyl quinolone