English word beware comes from English ware, English besmirch.

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ware English (eng) (obsolete) wary; cautious (poetic) aware (obsolete) To protect or guard (especially oneself); to be on guard, be wary.. (obsolete, _, or, _, dialectal) To be ware or mindful of something. Old eye dialect spelling of were (obsolete) The state of being aware; heed. (obsolete, UK, dialect) seaweed (nautical) To wear, or veer. (Ireland) Crockery. (countable, archaeology) A style or genre of [...]
besmirch English (eng) (transitive) To tarnish something, especially someone's reputation; to debase.. (transitive, literary) To make dirty; to soil.
beware English (eng) (defective, ambitransitive) To use caution, pay attention to (used both with and without of).

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