biblioclast etymology

English word biblioclast comes from English biblio- (Relating to books. Relating to the Bible.), English -clast (Something that breaks or destroys.)

Detailed word origin of biblioclast

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biblio- English (eng) Relating to books. Relating to the Bible.
-clast English (eng) Something that breaks or destroys.
biblioclast English (eng) One who destroys books, especially the Bible.

Words with the same origin as biblioclast

Descendants of biblio-
Bibliodrama abibliophobia biblioblog bibliofilm bibliolater bibliolatrist bibliolatrous bibliolatry bibliological bibliomancy bibliomaniac bibliometry bibliomystery bibliophagy bibliophily bibliophobia bibliopoly bibliotherapy ethnobibliotherapy
Descendants of -clast
bioclast chondroclast cranioclast crystalloclast lithoclast odontoclast osteoclast osteoclastic osteoclastoma phytoclast preosteoclast pyroclast