bibliolatry etymology

English word bibliolatry comes from English -latry (Worship of.), English biblio- (Relating to books. Relating to the Bible.)

Detailed word origin of bibliolatry

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-latry English (eng) Worship of.
biblio- English (eng) Relating to books. Relating to the Bible.
bibliolatry English (eng) Excessive reverence for a book, especially the Bible. Fundamentalism, the belief in the literal truth of the Bible. Worship of the Bible or other book.

Words with the same origin as bibliolatry

Descendants of -latry
angelolatry autolatry bibliolatrist chronolatry cosmolatry demolatry epeolatry gynolatry heliolatry hierolatry hoplolatry ideolatry idiolatry logolatry mechanolatry necrolatry numerolatry phytolatry plutolatry psycholatry pyrolatry thanatolatry theriolatry zoolatry
Descendants of biblio-
Bibliodrama abibliophobia biblioblog biblioclast bibliofilm bibliolater bibliolatrous bibliological bibliomancy bibliomaniac bibliometry bibliomystery bibliophagy bibliophily bibliophobia bibliopoly bibliotherapy ethnobibliotherapy