bibliomystery etymology

English word bibliomystery comes from English mystery, English biblio- (Relating to books. Relating to the Bible.)

Detailed word origin of bibliomystery

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mystery English (eng) (Catholicism) A particular event or series of events in the life of Christ. [From XVII century.]. (archaic, outside, Eastern Orthodoxy) A sacrament. [From XV century.]. (mostly, in plural) A secret religious celebration, admission to which was usually through initiation. [From XV century.]. (obsolete) A secret or mystical meaning. [From XIV century.]. A craft, art or trade; specifically a [...]
biblio- English (eng) Relating to books. Relating to the Bible.
bibliomystery English (eng) A genre of mystery novels which have books as the central theme of the plot.

Words with the same origin as bibliomystery

Descendants of mystery
mysterama mysterize
Descendants of biblio-
Bibliodrama abibliophobia biblioblog biblioclast bibliofilm bibliolater bibliolatrist bibliolatrous bibliolatry bibliological bibliomancy bibliomaniac bibliometry bibliophagy bibliophily bibliophobia bibliopoly bibliotherapy ethnobibliotherapy