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English word bilirubinaemia comes from English bilirubin, English -aemia

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bilirubin English (eng) (biochemistry) A bile pigment that is a product of the breakdown of the heme portion of hemoglobin (which occurs within macrophages as they digest red blood cells), and which is responsible for the yellowish color seen in bruises. Extremely high levels of bilirubin may cause jaundice.
-aemia English (eng) (British spelling) Blood.. (British spelling, medicine) Referring to the state or condition of the blood.
bilirubinaemia English (eng) Alternative form of bilirubinemia.

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acidaemia alcoholaemia carbonæmia chloridaemia euvolemia gametocytaemia hypalbuminemia hyperindicanaemia hyperlipidaemia hyperlipoidaemia hyperlipoproteinaemia hyperphosphataemia hyperprolactinaemia hypertriglyceridaemia hypochloridaemia hypocholesterolaemia hypolipidaemia hypouricaemia insulinaemia ketonaemia lacticaemia lithaemia spanaemia tyrosinaemia