biodilution etymology

English word biodilution comes from English bio- (Life. Organic life.), English dilution

Detailed word origin of biodilution

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bio- English (eng) Life. Organic life.
dilution English (eng) A solution that has had additional solvent, such as water, added to it into order to make it less concentrated.. The process of making something dilute.
biodilution English (eng) (biology) a decrease in concentration of especially a pollutant with a corresponding increase in the trophic level in a body of water.

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biochemical biochemistry biodegradable biodestructible biodiesel biodiversity bioelectric biofeedback biofriendly biofuel biogenic biogeophysical biohazard bioluminescent biomechanics biomedical bionics bionucleonic bioscan bioscope biosphere biosynthesis biotech bioweapon