biofuel etymology

English word biofuel comes from English fuel, English bio- (Life. Organic life.)

Detailed word origin of biofuel

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fuel English (eng) (figuratively) Something that stimulates, encourages or maintains an action.. Substance consumed to provide energy through combustion, or through chemical or nuclear reaction.. Substance that provides nourishment for a living organism; food. To exacerbate, to cause to grow or become greater.. To provide with fuel.
bio- English (eng) Life. Organic life.
biofuel English (eng) Any fuel that is obtained from a renewable biological resource, especially from biomass.

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biochemical biochemistry biodegradable biodestructible biodiesel biodilution biodiversity bioelectric biofeedback biofriendly biogenic biogeophysical biohazard bioluminescent biomechanics biomedical bionics bionucleonic bioscan bioscope biosphere biosynthesis biotech bioweapon