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English word birthday girl comes from English birthday, English girl

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birthday English (eng) (intransitive, informal) To celebrate one's birthday. The anniversary of the day on which someone is born. [From 1570s]. The anniversary of the day on which something is created.. The date on which someone is born or something is created, more commonly called birthdate or date of birth.
girl English (eng) (transitive) To feminize or girlify. (UK, dialect, obsolete) A roebuck two years old.. (US, slang) Cocaine, especially in powder form.. (colloquial) A term of endearment. (see usage notes). (uncommon, card games) A queen (the playing card.). A female child, adolescent, or young woman; by extension, a young female animal. A female servant; a maid. (see usage notes). Any woman, regardless of [...]
birthday girl English (eng) A female (woman or girl) whose birthday it is.

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