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English word bisthiourea comes from English thiourea, English bis-

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thiourea English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of compounds based on NH2-CS-NH2, formally derived from urea by replacing the oxygen atom with sulfur, used in photography as a fixing agent, in inorganic synthesis, and in medicine as an antithyroid drug.
bis- English (eng) (chemistry, obsolete) A variant of tri- used to indicate that the component that does not take the prefix occurs twice in the compound: a bisoxide is of the form B2O. (mathematics, chemistry) A variant of di-, used for substitutions of two complex rather than simple units.. An occasional variant of bi- prefixed to roots beginning with a vowel, as in bisalternate.
bisthiourea English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any compound containing two thiourea moieties.

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