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English word blondie comes from English blond, English -ie

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blond English (eng) A pale yellowish (golden brown) color, especially said of hair color.. A person with this hair color. To color or dye blond (of a, female) (stupid). (of a, person) Having blond hair.. Of a bleached or pale golden (light yellowish) colour.
-ie English (eng) (occasionally, sometimes, derogatory) Forming nouns signifying the person associated with suffixed noun or verb.. Forming diminutive or affectionate forms of nouns or names.
blondie English (eng) (informal) Nickname for a person with blond hair.. A sweet, chewy, generally vanilla-flavoured and chocolate-free baked good: a blond-colored brownie.

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anyone auntie barbie birdie bookie brownie cutie doggie girlie hottie junkie maggie movie one rookie someone sweetie un wan yan yen young youth youthful