bogus etymology

English word bogus comes from Latin facere, Latin contra, Late Latin contrafacio, and later Latin *contrafacio ((Vulgar Latin, Late Latin) I counterfeit.)

Detailed word origin of bogus

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facere Latin (lat)
contra Latin (lat) Across from, opposite. Against Against. Contrary to. In return, back. Opposite to. Otherwise.
contrafacio Late Latin (LL)
*contrafacio Latin (lat) (Vulgar Latin, Late Latin) I counterfeit.
contrefaire Old French (842-ca. 1400) (fro) To counterfeit (make false objects).
counterfeit English (eng) (obsolete) An impostor; a cheat.. (obsolete) That which resembles another thing; a likeness; a portrait; a counterpart.. A non-genuine article; a fake.. One who counterfeits; a counterfeiter. (transitive) To falsely produce what appears to be official or valid; to produce a forged copy of.. (transitive, obsolete) To feign; to mimic.. (transitive, obsolete) To produce a faithful copy of.. [...]
bogus English (eng) (US, dialect) A liquor made of rum and molasses. (computing, slang) Incorrect, useless, or broken.. (philately) Of a totally fictitious issue printed for collectors, often issued on behalf of a non-existent territory or country (not to be confused with forgery, which is an illegitimate copy of a genuine stamp).. Based on false or misleading information or unjustified assumptions.. [...]

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Descendants of facere
affair affect affected defeat defect face facebook faced fact factor factory fair fashion feature perfect perfection profit profitable satisfaction satisfied satisfy scientific terrific testify verify
Descendants of contra
con control controller controlling controversial controversy counter counterfeit country countryside