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English word brandscape comes from English landscape, English brand

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landscape English (eng) Create or maintain a landscape. (figuratively) a situation that is presented, a scenario. (printing) a mode of printing where the horizontal sides are longer than the vertical sides. A picture representing a scene by land or sea, actual or fancied, the chief subject being the general aspect of nature, as fields, hills, forests, water. etc.. A portion of land or territory which the eye can [...]
brand English (eng) (transitive) To burn the flesh with a hot iron, either as a marker (for criminals, slaves etc.) or to cauterise a wound.. (transitive) To make an indelible impression on the memory or senses.. (transitive) To mark (especially cattle) with a brand as proof of ownership.. (transitive) To stigmatize, label (someone).. (transitive, marketing) To associate a product or service with a trademark or [...]
brandscape English (eng) The range of brands available in the market, or a specific segment thereof, especially considered collectively as a cultural phenomenon.

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-scape isoscape landscapist landscapity
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cup noodles