bromal etymology

English word bromal comes from English alcohol, English bromine

Detailed word origin of bromal

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alcohol English (eng) (colloquial) Ethanol.. (obsolete) Any very fine powder.. (organic compound, countable) Any of a class of organic compounds (such as ethanol) containing a hydroxyl functional group (-OH).. (uncountable) Beverages containing ethanol, collectively.
bromine English (eng) (countable) A bromine atom in a molecule. (uncountable) A nonmetallic chemical element (symbol Br) with an atomic number of 35; one of the halogens.
bromal English (eng) (organic compound) The compound tribromoacetaldehyde CBr3-CHO.

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Descendants of alcohol
carbinol chloral citronellyl cortisol enol enolase enolic estradiol ethanol gasahol glycol linalool mannitol menthol metacresol methanol nosophen paracresol phenol propanolamine roid sexaholism shopaholic sterol thiol
Descendants of bromine
bromian bromide bromide print bromide printing brominate brominism copper bromide curium bromide deuterium bromide diazobromide dibromide gold bromide iodobromite iron bromide manganous bromide mercury bromide pentabromide rubidium bromide selenium bromide silver bromide tetrabromide titanium bromide tribromide yttrium bromide