brominate etymology

English word brominate comes from English -ule ((rare, scientific) Diminutive suffix.), English bromine

Detailed word origin of brominate

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-ule English (eng) (rare, scientific) Diminutive suffix.
bromine English (eng) (countable) A bromine atom in a molecule. (uncountable) A nonmetallic chemical element (symbol Br) with an atomic number of 35; one of the halogens.
brominate English (eng) (chemistry, transitive) To treat or react with bromine or hydrobromic acid, to introduce bromine into a compound.

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Descendants of -ule
dent dental dentist
Descendants of bromine
bromal bromian bromide bromide print bromide printing brominism copper bromide curium bromide deuterium bromide diazobromide dibromide gold bromide iodobromite iron bromide manganous bromide mercury bromide pentabromide rubidium bromide selenium bromide silver bromide tetrabromide titanium bromide tribromide yttrium bromide