bromine etymology

English word bromine comes from Ancient Greek βρῶμος, and later French brome (Brome (plant). Bromine.)

Detailed word origin of bromine

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βρῶμος Ancient Greek (grc)
brome French (fra) Brome (plant). Bromine.
bromine English (eng) (countable) A bromine atom in a molecule. (uncountable) A nonmetallic chemical element (symbol Br) with an atomic number of 35; one of the halogens.

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Descendants of βρῶμος
bromal bromate bromhydrin bromide bromism bromize bromo bromo-seltzer bromoalkene bromoalkyne bromoaryl bromobenzyl bromobutane bromocholesterol bromoform bromoil bromopyruvate bromosugar bromuret bromyrite carbro cetrimide sulfobromophthalein tribromide