bronchophony etymology

English word bronchophony comes from English broncho- ((anatomy, combining form) relating to bronchi.), English -phony (Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.)

Detailed word origin of bronchophony

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broncho- English (eng) (anatomy, combining form) relating to bronchi.
-phony English (eng) Forms nouns related to sound or musical structure.
bronchophony English (eng) (pathology) A modification of the voice sounds observed in auscultation of the chest; used as a diagnostic test.

Words with the same origin as bronchophony

Descendants of broncho-
bronchoalveolar bronchoalveolitis bronchoconstrictive bronchoconstrictor bronchodilatation bronchodilation bronchodilatory bronchogenic bronchographic broncholithiasis bronchomalacia bronchopathy bronchopleural bronchopneumonia bronchoprotective bronchoprovocation bronchorelaxation bronchorrhea bronchospasm bronchospastic bronchostenosis bronchostenotic bronchotomy bronchovascular
Descendants of -phony
Anglophony anthrophonic anthrophony autophony biophonic biophony echophony egophony euphonic euphonious euphony geophonic holophony homophony laryngophony micropolyphonic nonpolyphonic orthophony photophony pleophony polyphonic polyphonically polyphony stereophony