brood etymology

English word brood comes from Proto-Germanic *braidaz (Broad, wide.), Proto-Indo-European *bʰroh₁tús, Proto-Indo-European *bʰrewh₁-, Proto-Germanic *brōaną (To singe, warm, brew.), Proto-Germanic *brazdaz

Detailed word origin of brood

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*braidaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Broad, wide.
*bʰroh₁tús Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*bʰrewh₁- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*brōaną Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) To singe, warm, brew.
*brazdaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
brad Old English (ang) Broad.
*bʰerē- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
*bruzdaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Point, spike, thorn.
*brēdô Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Flesh, meat. Muscle.
broddr Old Norse (non) A kind of shaft. Prick, goad. Spike. Sting (of an insect). The front of a column or body of men. The prime (of one's life).
brād Old English (ang)
*brōduz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Brood; breeding. Heat, warmth, incubation.
brōd Old English (ang)
brode Middle English (enm)
brood English (eng) (intransitive) To dwell upon moodily and at length (with adpositions generally being either about or over). (transitive) To keep an egg warm to make it hatch.. (transitive) To protect. (mining) Heavy waste in tin and copper ores.. (uncountable) The young of any egg-laying creature, especially if produced at the same time.. That which is bred or produced; breed; species.. The children in one [...]

Words with the same origin as brood

Descendants of *braidaz
abroad bread broad broadcast broadcasting broadway width
Descendants of *bʰroh₁tús
brad braid breed breeding
Descendants of *bʰrewh₁-
aboard bar base bear beer bird birth board born break breath breathe bridge broke broken brown buried burn bury fortune offer prefer suffer transfer