bureaucracy etymology

English word bureaucracy comes from English bureau, English -cracy (Rule.)

Detailed word origin of bureaucracy

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bureau English (eng) (US) A chest of drawers for clothes.. (chiefly, British) A desk, usually with a cover and compartments that are located above the level of the writing surface rather than underneath, and often used for storing papers.. An administrative unit of government; office.. An office (room where clerical or professional duties are performed).. An organization or office for collecting or providing [...]
-cracy English (eng) Rule.
bureaucracy English (eng) (business, organizational theory) A system of administration based upon organisation into bureaus, division of labour, a hierarchy of authority, etc., designed to dispose of a large body of work in a routine manner.. Any administration, body, or behavior characterised by excessive red tape and routine.. Government by bureaus or their administrators or officers.. The body of officers and [...]