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English word bycatch comes from English by-, English catch

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by- English (eng) Prefix denoting nearness or roundaboutness. Prefix meaning secondary, incidental, or parallel to (usually non-productive) town or city.
catch English (eng) (heading) To capture, overtake.. (heading) To intercept.. (heading) To obtain or experience. (heading) To receive (by being in the way).. (heading) To seize attention, interest.. (heading) To seize hold of.. (heading) To take in with one's senses or intellect.. (intransitive) To be held back or impeded.. (intransitive) To engage with some mechanism; to stick, to succeed in interacting with [...]
bycatch English (eng) (transitive) To catch unintentionally while fishing for something else. Any fish (or other creatures) that are not targeted as a catch but are unintentionally caught, and often discarded back into the sea.

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