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English word byfall comes from English fall, English by-

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fall English (eng) (UK, US, dialect, archaic) To fell; to cut down.. (copulative) To become.. (followed by a determining word or phrase) To become; to be affected by or befallen with a calamity; to change into the state described by words following; to become prostrated literally or figuratively (see Usage notes below).. (heading, intransitive) To move downwards.. (intransitive) To assume a look of shame or [...]
by- English (eng) Prefix denoting nearness or roundaboutness. Prefix meaning secondary, incidental, or parallel to (usually non-productive) town or city.
byfall English (eng) A fall of water, usually lesser in size, near to or beside a larger, more predominant waterfall.. A falling about; an incidental accessory or accretion; a happenstance; occurrence; instance.

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