cacology etymology

English word cacology comes from English -logy, English caco- (Bad, defective.)

Detailed word origin of cacology

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-logy English (eng) A branch of learning; a study of a particular subject.. Something said, or a way of speaking, a narrative.
caco- English (eng) Bad, defective.
cacology English (eng) Poor diction or choice of words.

Words with the same origin as cacology

Descendants of -logy
auxologist cardiology chronological chronology cosmochronology criminology cryptology cytology dermatology ethnology gerontology gynaecology histology ichthyology logy morphological morphology musicologist ophthalmology pharmacological pharmacology proctology seismology topology urology
Descendants of caco-
cacodemoniac cacodoxy cacoethics cacogastric cacogenesis cacographic cacography cacophobia cacotrophy