calcio- etymology

English word calcio- comes from Latin -ita, Ancient Greek θέμα, Ancient Greek χάλιξ, English calcio- ((chemistry) Of, relating to or containing calcium.)

Detailed word origin of calcio-

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ita Latin (lat)
θέμα Ancient Greek (grc)
χάλιξ Ancient Greek (grc)
calcio- English (eng) (chemistry) Of, relating to or containing calcium.
calcis Latin (lat)

Words with the same origin as calcio-

Descendants of -ita
cal calcium calculate calculation calculus gee geez jeez quilt
Descendants of θέμα
Chaucer apothem calceated calci- calcspar calzone chalk cockatrice dicalcium discalced excalceation inculcate monocalcium quillow recalcitrant speleothem thematic thematisation thematise theme