calorimeter etymology

English word calorimeter comes from English calorie, English -meter (Used to form the names of measuring devices.)

Detailed word origin of calorimeter

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calorie English (eng) (nutrition) Kilogram calorie or large calorie. A unit of energy 1000 times larger than the gram calorie. It is equivalent to the gram kilocalorie, approximately 4.2 kilojoules.. (physics, chemistry, obsolete) The gram calorie or small calorie, a non-SI unit of energy, equivalent to approximately 4.2 joules. This unit was widely used in chemistry and physics, being the amount of energy needed [...]
-meter English (eng) Used to form the names of measuring devices.
calorimeter English (eng) (physics) An apparatus for measuring the heat generated or absorbed by either a chemical reaction, change of phase or some other physical change.

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Descendants of calorie
bomb calorimeter calorimetric calorimetry lo-cal magnetocalorimetry microcalorimetric microcalorimetry nanocalorimetry
Descendants of -meter
accelerometer altimeter arthrometer barometer dioptometer dynamometer fluorometer geoboard geometry glucometer hodometer holometer inclinometer lucimeter pantometer photopolarimeter pulsimeter spectrometer symmetry tachometer tiltmeter trig trigonometry