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English word cancellation comes from English -ation, English cancel

Detailed word origin of cancellation

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-ation English (eng) A state or quality. An action or process. The result of an action or process.
cancel English (eng) (obsolete) To shut out, as with a railing or with latticework; to exclude.. (printing, dated) To suppress or omit; to strike out, as matter in type.. (slang) To kill.. (transitive) To cross out something with lines etc.. (transitive) To invalidate or annul something.. (transitive) To mark something (such as a used postage stamp) so that it can't be reused.. (transitive) To offset or equalize [...]
cancellation English (eng) (legal) In United States intellectual property law, a proceeding in which an interested party seeks to cancel the registration of a trademark or patent.. (mathematics) The operation of striking out common factors, in both the dividend and divisor.. (philately) A postmark that marks a postage stamp so as to prevent its reuse.. The act, process, or result of cancelling; as, the cancellation of [...]

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accreditation aspiration aspirational authorization characterization flirtation fragmentation gravitate instrumentation ionization legalization manipulation oxygenation pigmentation realisation realization relaxation retardation sanitation socialization specialization starvation synchronisation transportation