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English word cannot comes from English can, English not

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can English (eng) (modal auxiliary verb, defective) To be possible, usually with be.. (modal auxiliary verb, defective) To know how to; to be able to.. (modal auxiliary verb, defective, informal) May; to be permitted or enabled to.. (obsolete, transitive) To know. (US, euphemistic) To fire or dismiss an employee.. To preserve, by heating and sealing in a can or jar.. To shut up.. To discard, scrap or [...]
not English (eng) Negates the meaning of the modified verb.. To no degree (slang, 1990s) Used to indicate that the previous phrase was meant sarcastically or ironically. And not. Unary logical function NOT, true if input is false, or a gate implementing that negation function.
cannot English (eng) Am/are/is forbidden or not permitted to. Can not (am/is/are unable to). Something that cannot be done.

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con could cuddle cuddly cunning keen ken
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