carcinogenetic etymology

English word carcinogenetic comes from English genetic, English carcino- (Cancer.. Crab, crustacean.)

Detailed word origin of carcinogenetic

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genetic English (eng) (genetics) Relating to genetics or genes.. (linguistics) Based on shared membership in a linguistic family.. (theology) Based on a shared membership in a religious family.. Caused by genes.. Of or relating to origin (genesis).
carcino- English (eng) Cancer.. Crab, crustacean.
carcinogenetic English (eng) Of or pertaining to carcinogenesis; forming cancer cells.

Words with the same origin as carcinogenetic

Descendants of carcino-
anticarcinogen carcinocyte carcinogen carcinogenic carcinoid carcinological carcinologist carcinology carcinophobia carcinosarcoma carcinosis carcinostatic hepatocarcinogen hepatocarcinogenic noncarcinogen photocarcinogen procarcinogen