cardioblast etymology

English word cardioblast comes from English -blast (An immature cell or tissue.), English cardio- ((anatomy) Pertaining to the heart.)

Detailed word origin of cardioblast

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-blast English (eng) An immature cell or tissue.
cardio- English (eng) (anatomy) Pertaining to the heart.
cardioblast English (eng) (biology) An embryonic cell, in some insects, that develops into the heart.

Words with the same origin as cardioblast

Descendants of -blast
ameloblast ameloblastin ameloblastoma cytotrophoblast embryoblast erythroblast haematoblast haemoblast hematoblast hepatoblastic hypoblastic idioblast leucoblast leukoblast macroblast megakaryoblast megakaryoblastic megaloblast monoblast odontoblast parablast retinoblast sarcoblast trophoblastic
Descendants of cardio-
cardiocirculatory cardiodepressive cardiofacial cardiofaciocutaneous cardiogenic cardiogram cardiology cardiomegaly cardiomuscular cardiomyopathy cardioneurotic cardioprotection cardiopulmonary cardiorenal cardiorespirography cardiosurgery cardiothoracic cardiotonic cardiotropic cardiovalvular cardiovascular cardioviral pericardiocentesis phonocardiography seismocardiography